Gaia Ambrosini (casting director)

Her main task is to organize and co-ordinate the many specimens of the rehearsal, planning the dates and alerting people involved (that is to say, principally, the director and the actors — and, when needed, the assistants, technicians and other collaborators). She has the invisible, but impassable and delicate task of solving all the practical problems associated with the abovementioned sessions, so as to remove any obstacles and ensure the optimum performance of the work.

Leonida Corolle (editorial consultant)

The person name is an anagram of the editorial Director of the publishing house La Calama (, which has offered — at its own expense — to handle the print media of the show and to realize this website. L.C., besides being the webmaster of the site, cares about the practical implementation (layout and reliance on printers) of the show’s poster and presentation booklet.

Massimo Antonini (administrative consultant)

Business consultant, he is responsible for fulfilling all tax and bureaucratic obligations.