In this page you will find the comment of Alberto Manco


I was struck by the enormous commitment that must have required the transposition of such a profound and complex text. I speak of the complexity of the themes that inspired him, which on the one hand require a completely exceptional sensitivity to be transposed into a text and on the other a generous predisposition to make them usable even for those who do not chew on certain themes. In addition to the actresses and actors, in the regularity of the text, in its well-curated syntax, I found balance everywhere, in the music, in the beautiful colors, in the lights, even in the scenes in which certain sudden movements of the soul are represented, with movements of bodies in space that are never random. From what I have seen, the effort to recreate different spaces and different times in a single stage-space has been flawless, and I think this is one of the most difficult things when staging works like this. If I had to define it on the basis of my feelings, I would say that it is a work that returns the profound meaning of the gesture and of the word, and of the consequences that derive from them.

Professor Alberto Manco (University L'Orientale of Naples).