After musical and theatrical training (playing classical guitar from the age of 11, initially under the guidance of M° Lyana Wyan, studied lyric singing with M° Alberto Jona of the Conservatory of Turin, a student of artists such as Zigmunt Molik (co-founder with Jerzy Grotowski of Teatr Laboratorium), Yoshi Oida (traditional Japanese actor of the company of Peter Brook), Rena Mirecka, Abani Bhiswas, Tommaso also attended a professional theatre school and, shortly thereafter, of cinematography), made his debut with the director Davide Montemurri, finding himself acting as a young actor alongside leaders in the field such as Franco Mezzera, Marcella Mariotti and Pier Paolo Capponi.

In 1989 Tommaso created the theatrical company a.n.te., recognized by the then Italian Ministry of Performing Arts and, in parallel, began to devote himself to directing plays. He has leaders in the field more than twenty theatrical performances; we mention in particular Il figlio del corpo (1992), Una stagione all’inferno (1993), Magna Mater (2000), La luce della memoria (2003, dedicated to Holocaust victims), Sohamasmi (2012), Śakuntalā (2014), Anima Mundi (2015). He has participated in important festivals (“Theatre Festival of Todi“, “Dolceaqua Teatro”) and international theatre reviews, such as the "Identity & Difference International Festival", in which he presented his Pangea (1994), great 'festival-show' with over thirty artists from five continents, under the artistic direction of Luca Ronconi.

Poet by vocation, even before his work as director and actor, Tommaso has published nine poetic texts: Amritagni (1996), Alkesti (2001), L’opera della fenice (2004), Dana (2009), Circe (2011), Lila (2012), Versi sberleffi (2015), Oggi (2017), Lyra Mystica (2021). Some of his lyrics have been transposed by contemporary composers into scores for voice and orchestra, or for voice and chamber instruments. His poetry has attracted the attention of critics of the caliber of Edoardo Sanguineti, Giorgio Bárberi Squarotti, Edoardo Esposito.

In 1995 he made also the video Kaosmos, warmly welcomed at the Modern Art Gallery in Turin, Italy.

He has also written Essays and published several translations.