Composer and pianist, born in 1971 in Helsingborg, Sweden.

He studied composition at the College of Music in Malmö, during 1992-1999. Professor Hans Gefors (prominent Swedish Opera composer) was his main teacher and mentor and the studies had emphasis on musical drama and orchestra.

Blum has written music in virtually all genres, from instrumental solo-music to opera and oratorios. He often uses the Italian language for the titles of his works.

Among his most important compositions (according to the composer himself) are:

  1. Orchestra/musical drama:

    • Stengästen på Peking, opera in one act based on the operas by Bertati/Gazzaniga and da Ponte/Mozart.
    • Concerto piccolo for violin and string orchestra (1995)
    • Messaggio for orchestra (1997)
    • Concerto da camera (for 13 instruments) (2004)
    • Overtura for string orchestra (2005)
    • Passaggi for piano and wind orchestra (2014)
    • Revelj, for three percussions (1996)

  1. Chamber music:

    • Trio for violin, cello and piano (1995)
    • Trio n° 2 for violin, cello and piano (2013)
    • Quartet n° 4 for two violins, viola and cello (2003)

  1. Sacred music:

    • Stabat Mater for choir, organ, trombones and percussion (2000)
    • Veni, sancte spiritus for choir and string orchestra (2008)
    • Lacrimosa for choir, solos and orchestra (2009)
    • Jesu sju ord på korset, for voice, violin, cello and piano (2017)
    • Klippan Kristus, for choir, solos, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, organ and church bells (2016-17)

Currently, he is working on a songcycle with poems by the great swedish poet Pär Lagerkvist.

Thomas realised a very special magic for us, composing for the five-act drama Eric the scene-musics inspired by the Nordic tradition: the magnificent Ouvertüre, the song-text of Sri Aurobindo and the music for harp.