Here below, we publish the list of all the people who donated to our fundraising campaign.

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- Bank Transfer:

Bank Account Number (IBAN): IT07K0760114000001041073386
Account Holder: Centro studi e ricerche Freya, Via vecchia palaiese, 2 - 56025 Pontedera (PI) - ITALY
Reason for the Payment: Eric Project donation

Every name will be published in "anonym form" (with name and surname dotted). Only if you will give us your kindly consent, we will publish it in full. In brackets the nationality of the backer.
Many thanks to everyone!

Kenny Evangelisti (IT)€ 20,000.00
Leonida Corolle (IT)€ 10,641.28
Simonetta Invernizzi (IT)€    6,003.50
Luca Graziani (IT)€    1,500.00
C. M. and V. (FR)€    1,000.00
Monica Sabbadini (IT)€       750.00
Roberto Cadeddu (IT)€       750.00
Giancarlo Pedralli (IT)€       600.00
Laura Bartorelli (IT)€       595.00
Augusta Proietti & Giancarlo Sciorilli (IT)€       500.00
Gaia Ambrosini (IT)€       500.00
Paolo Bernasconi (IT)€       450.00
Dora Spitaletto (IT)€       320.00
Luisa Gullino (IT)€       300.00
B. C. (IT)€       250.00
Bianca Lemmi (IT)€       220.00
Camilla Pozzi (IT)€       200.00
Pierrette Bovisi (IT)€       200.00
Associazione Culturale So'ham (IT)€       180.00
Elisa Iacovanelli (IT)€       170.00
Sybille Bougault (FR)€       162.00
Silvia Balestra (IT)€       150.00
Maria Grazia Guarnieri & Giorgio Leggeri (IT)€       150.00
Viviana Cavallini (IT)€       150.00
Mario Angelini (IT)€       150.00
Giorgio Bertolotti (IT)€       120.00
Domenico Pantalone (IT)€       120.00
Claudio Colombo (IT)€       120.00
Andrea Benedetti (IT)€       120.00
Pino Landi (IT)€       111.00
Donatella Angelini (IT)€       108.00
Antonio Bianchi (IT)€       103.00
Manuela Badolato (IT)€       100.00
Lauretta Petricci (IT)€       100.00
Gionata Marangoni (IT)€       100.00
A. D. (IT)€       100.00
M. T. P. (IT)€         80.00
Daniela Iacovanelli (IT)€         70.00
Maresa Giacone (IT)€         50.00
Graziella Elia (IT)€         50.00
Antonio Luciani (IT)€         50.00
Enrico Gottardi (IT)€         50.00
L. M. & G. R. (IT)€         50.00
G. N. (IT)€         50.00
M. G. C. (IT)€         50.00
Luca Benedusi (IT)€         50.00
Nicola Licciardello (IT)€         50.00
M. P. (IT)€         50.00
Veronica Carvelli (IT)€         50.00
Sara Cuminetti (IT)€         50.00
G. S. (IT)€         50.00
Silvestre Scavetto (IT)€         35.00
Marie Pontacq (FR)€         30.00
Giuliano Pierini (IT)€         30.00
B. L. (USA)€         25.00
Amit Bhardwaj (INDIA)€         25.00
M. P. (FR)€         21.00
Bhakti De Felice (IT)€         20.00
C. P. (FR)€         20.00
M. F. (IT)€         20.00
Santo Librizzi (IT)€         18.00
Stefano Corti (IT)€         15.00
P. P. (IT)€         15.00
Beppe Picaro (IT)€         15.00
Elisabetta Gandola (IT)€         10.00
Michele Canneri (IT)€         10.00
M. L. & C. F. (IT)€         10.00
D. K. (IT)€         10.00
F. S. (IT)€         10.00
Valentina Nanetti (IT)€            5.00
Vittorio Barsotti (IT)€            5.00
Total:€ 48,242.78