Crowdfunding for the theatre of Sri Aurobindo

How can I make a donation to the Eric Project?

Currently there are two methods.

- by Paypal:

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- by Bank Transfer:

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Are rewards available for donors?

Sure! You can find here the complete list.

How much we had collected until now?

Here you can find the complete account.

For all information about this wonderful project, please continue to read this page.

Mère and Sri Aurobindo represent a planetary revolution, a radical subversion of the now decrepit System. Therefore, to expect the institutions representing the old System to be spokesmen of this revolution (which will mark their end), would be both chimerical and pernicious. The economic and financial world, like the political, religious and even cultural, is clinging to the more and more agonizing Old, which has to be supplanted to make room for the New in gestation. We need to leverage sincerely motivated realities, detached from the mercantile logic and free from any enslavement to the decadent mechanisms of power.

We believe that the time is finally ripe for staging the sublime dramaturgy of Sri Aurobindo, launching a fundraiser by a bank transfer. So far, in the world, none of Sri Aurobindo’s five dramas has ever been professionally performed — the time has come to fill this gap!

The crowdfunding campaign we are launching now has the aim of setting up a show of the highest artistic and technical quality, making use of the creative contribution of excellent theatrics. The work chosen is Eric, last of the drama by Sri Aurobindo, composed in Pondicherry between 1910 and 1920 (published posthumously, in 1960).

To make such a project feasible, the non-profit association FREYA Study and Research Center was founded: in addition to managing the funds report, it will keep you informed about project developments, provide donors with rewards, organize cultural events (conferences and insights) preparatory to the theatrical performance, transparently reporting the realization of the project, demonstrating that it is completed by using the entire amount collected. For this purpose this web platform has been created — www.eric.theater — that the FREYA Study and Research Center has, among other things, the task of keeping everyone up to date.

Every donation will be fundamental to the success of this project. A project made by us, which we would like to become yours too. In due time, we will publish a booklet with a list of all of you, the only sponsors of the theatre production. This list will also appear on the aforementioned website and includes four levels:

  • Basic Supporters: 5 to 110 euros;
  • Donors Normal: 111 to 499 euros;
  • Donors Plus: from 500 to 5000 euros;
  • Donors Super: over 5000 euros.

We appeal to you, asking you to make a donation. Trusting that you will acknowledge the choice not to turn to those who are driven by profit interests.

All donors will be entitled to collect a copy of the booklet for free. In addition, comparatively to the offer made, we will grant with a whole series of expressions of gratitude: free tickets, poster signed by the actors, free text with dedication by the director-translator, and more (for more information, visit this page).

In full harmony with the spirit of Mère and Sri Aurobindo, you will be true and sincere supporters, the only donors of this highly anticipated event.

Some salient features of the performance:

  • actors of demonstrated skill & expertise;
  • scenography entrusted to an authentic scenic artist;
  • costumes designed by an artist and packaged by a specialized tailor’s shop;
  • scene music specially written by an esteemed composer.

It is our intention to carry out an international tour, meant to represent Eric wherever we will find a real interest in the staging of this Play. The project is divided into four distinct time phases:

  1. 9th March 2018: start of fundraising.
  2. 2018: selection of artists and contextual realization of music, costumes, scenography.
  3. 2019: rehearsal.
  4. 2020: debut (scheduled for April 24th) and subsequent tour.

On April 24, 2020, as many of you know, we celebrate the Centenary of the Final Return of Mère alongside Sri Aurobindo. Event that we want to celebrate with you in a festive spirit (on the day dedicated to the Divine Mother Freya: Friday)!

In conclusion, we await suggestions and reports from you; those who wish to give a concrete hand are welcome. We hope to count you among the enthusiastic supporters of this wonderful project. Similar “small gestures” make the difference and set in motion changes that have been ignored for too long.

Thank you very much in advance... And, please: spread the news of this wonderful project!

Leonardo Cellai
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)