Tommaso Iorco (director)

Mainly a poet (with eight collections of poetry already published), he often works in theatre as director, playwright and actor. He has so far set up over twenty theatre performances, already distinguished by the use of poetry and a fascinating interplay between various performing arts, giving priority to the actor’s physicality. In this Play, he cares about the direction (after exactly thirty years of “mess tin”, he finally feels ready to stage a dramaturgy by Sri Aurobindo).

Karin Rossi (actress, dancer, singer): ASLAUG

After graduating in Cultural Heritage Sciences, she attended Proxima Res Theatre School, having already studied dance and singing. She had her debut on stage in 2015 with Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? by E. Albee (directed by Margherita Scalise), then, after some experiences as assistant director for Sofia Pelczer and Lara Franceschetti, she performed as actress, singer and stage director in Barbablù in 7/4 (2016), as director and actress in Be it moon, or sun, or what you please (2018, based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew), as actress in Nuzz (2019, directed by Michele Panella), and as director in Euripides’ Trojans (2019, in Jean-Paule Sartre’s adaptation). She remarkably fits the role of Aslaug, the beautiful Norse princess.

Nicolò Parodi (actor): ERIC

Actor graduated at Piccolo Theatre School in Milan in 2014. He is the founder of the theatre company BezoarT. He has worked with directors such as Luca Ronconi (Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards, 2012), Enrico D’Amato (Cekhov’s Three Sisters, 2012), Davide Gasparro (Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 2016-2017, where he played the role of a very convincing Romeo) and others. He had himself signed some stage directions (notably, in particular, an interesting theatrical adaptation of a couple of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, in 2014). Along with an undeniable talent for acting, he has brought some physical features and skills which have contributed to the successful creation of his character, King Eric (his black belt 2nd DAN karate and a well-developed sensitivity as a performer in acrobatic dance).

Greta Asia Di Vara (actress, singer, dancer): HERTHA

After graduating in Cultural Heritage Sciences in 2016, she gained her academic diploma at the Paolo Grassi Theater School in 2019. In her artistic background also stand excellent singing and dancing (classical, contemporary, hip hop) competences. Her artistic experiences include Dov’è la strada per le stelle (2016, directed by G. Solari), Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare (2017, in the role of Juliet, directed by M. Maccieri), The Inspector General by Gogol’ (2018, directed by A. Cavecchi), The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter (2019, in original language, directed by M. Schmidt), Twelfth Night by Shakespeare (2019, in the role of Viola, directed by G. Solari). She also worked for the cinema: 23 seconds (2019, directed by Lucia Magarò — awarded as best film at Videoslam competition in Pavia). In Eric she plays Hertha.

Riccardo Pumpo (actor): SWEGN

Graduated at Piccolo Theater School in Milan, he carried out futher studies with Irin Baumuller, Tina Thiele, Jordan Bayne. He had his debut in Cekhov’s Platonov (2011, directed by Enrico D’Amato) and, in the same year, he worked in Aeschylus’ The Suppliants (directed by Luca Ronconi and Paola Bigatto), followed by several performances that often see him as protagonist (also in English language); among them we can mention Angeli in Fondotinta (2014, written and directed by Franco Mescolini), Juliet and Romeo RE-LIFE (2015, directed by S. Pontarollo), Mind the Gap 2.0 (2016, directed by P.Tarantino). In 2013 he signed his first direction: Alan Bennet’s A chip in the sugar tour. In our Play, he is Swegn.

Francesco Colombi (actor): GUNTHAR

After some pre-academic studies at Teatro della Verità Theatre School, he started working as an actor. In 2018 he obtained a co-protagonist role in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame (produced by Oneiros Teatro); thanks to this role he was awarded as Best Young Actor at the 72nd GAD Festival (Pesaro) in 2019. During the same year he had been working as actor in The Tempest by William Shakespeare with the Teatro della Verità theatre company, and as assistant director in The Idiot by Fëdor Dostoevskij with Alberto Oliva and Mino Manni. In Eric, he is Gunthar.

Fausto Lo Verde (actor): RAGNAR

Actor, he graduated at Teatro Biondo Theatre School in Palermo, he then took farther studies attending Ron Howell’s Dance-Theatre workshops, and specialized on in Orazio Costa’s method, in a course taught by Prof. Antonio Giordano. Among his various performances, we would like to mention: Les contes d’Hoffmann (2002, directed by Jerome Savary, choreographic movements by Sylvie Laligne), The fourth night (2012, by Roberto Catalano), Closed Door (2013, by Antonio Giordano), The stubborn old man in the countryside (2013, by Franco Carollo), Mafiosi in paradiso (2014, by Antonio Giordano). He is Ragnar.

Raffaele Ficiur (actor): HARDICNUT

After graduating at the University of West London, he studied performing arts at the MTS Musical! The School. Among his performances: The Frogs by Aristophanes (2016); Iphigeneia in Tauris by Euripides (2017): Vedem, a newspaper in Terezin (2018, directed by Franco Però); Rāmāyaṇa (2018, original musical by Raffaele Ficiur and Caterina Mezzena Lona); Hair (2019, directed by Simone Nardini). In Eric, he is Oleg.

Anthony Dei Medici (actor): HARALD

Filipino-born actor, graduated at SDM Musical School with dancing, singing, acting and musical training. He had previously obtained the five-year diploma in Voicecraft vocal technique. Among the performances he took part in, these are worth mentioning: The Life (2017, directed by Alice Mistroni); West Side Story (2018, directed by Federico Bellone), Vagamondi (2019, directed by Danny Lanza). In Eric, he plays the role of Harald.

Elena Guarneri (harpist): ELEDHWEN

Daughter of musicians, in 2011 she passed the Piano examination at the Cantelli Conservatory in Novara and the Theory and Solfeggio examination at the Puccini Conservatory in Gallarate. In 2006 she began her studies in harp with M° Sara Chessa and in 2012 she got her diploma. In 2013, she entered the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Como and, in 2018, she achieved the first level degree of harp with 110 and honours, under the guidance of M° Ester Gattoni. She is Eledhwen.

Nicole Petruzza (dancer, singer, actress): SIGRUN

Dancer, singer and actress graduated at Cassiopeia Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. She studied classical, modern and contemporary dance. Among her performances: The doctor in Spit of Himself by Molière (2012, G.Monti), Carpe Diem (2013, T.Marrone), A Feast in Time of Plague by Aleksandr Pushkin (2014, L.Colavero), Odissey (2015, L.Cognatti), Wild (2016, R.Carreri - Odin Teatret), Fragile (2017, N.Cariolle), Don’t steal our dreams (2018, B.De Bernardis), Rendez-vous at Burj Khalifa (2018, A.Amoruso). In Eric she is Sigrun, the Norse magician and sorcerer.

Alice Tagliaferri (dancer, actress): DAGMAR

Acrobatic dancer, she began her journey in the sports world practicing artistic gymnastics at a competitive level (she got excellent results in the National Team Choreography championships). Then she attended the Kataklò Academy of Athletic Physical, obtaining her diploma in 2019. Her skills include acrobatic gymnastic, contemporary acrobatics, contemporary dance, physical theatre, acrobatic partnering and more. She took part in various performative events including: Finders of light (directed by Giuliana Cuneaz) and Intertwining Puccini (2019). In Eric, she is Dagmar.

Lyudmyla Shulha (dancer, choreographer, singer): TUVA

Dancer specialised in ballet, modern jazz, contemporary, Graham, Horton, tip tap, hip hop, modern, heels. Graduated in performing arts at Musical & Performing Academy, she studied choreographic composition at the CID UNESCO Rome Centro Danza Mimma Testa, and got her Master degree in Teaching Technique Modern Contemporary, Level 1. Among her performances: Opening MFW Event Savò (2018) (2018), the Indian film Bharatee (2019), Show Animation by Nuances (2020). In our Play, besides her involvement as a dancer, she created the choreographies for the three Norns, the Imperial Guards and the Regal Warriors.

Giulia Troisi (dancer): LIV

Dancer graduated at MAS Academy (Music, Art & Show) in Milan. Among her previous performances: Starshine (directed by Matteo Gastaldo, 2016), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (reinterpretation of the Shakespearean comedy directed by Matteo Gastaldo 2017), Fragility, bullying and cyberbullying (directed by Marinella Locantore, choreography by Viola Senatore, 2019). She also performed as a dancer in Naba’s short film The Fish and the Tree (2019), as a featured in the video Be curry, be yourself (2019, Habanero Film) and as a singer in the album Supra by Kenny Ray (Sony Music). In Eric, she is Liv.

Chiara Leugio (dancer, singer, actress): INGEBORG

A very young performer, she attended the MTS Academy Musical! The School after attending some theatre courses. Her first performances: Sing City (2017, directed by Massimo Malagugini); Moulin Rouge (2017); Peter Pan (2017); Fame (2018, directed by Susanna Gozzetti); Hair (2019, directed by Simone Nardini). She also starred as background actress in the movie Made in Italy (directed by James D’Arcy, 2019). In our Play she is Ingeborg.

Marta Ratti (dancer, singer, actress): KAREN

Dancer, singer and actress graduated at Loretta Martinez’s VMS, with a CONI diploma as “dance technician” and a MTS (Musical! The School) diploma. Her professional experiences as a dancer include, among others: the Indian production film Bharaate, and the performances Spring Awakening (directed by Emanuele Gamba) and Midsummer Night Circus (directed by Marco Bellocchio, choreography by Stefano Bontempi, singing parts by Antonio Torella). In our Play, she is Karen.

Niccolò Cappello (actor): BJÖRN

He trained with “Compagni di viaggi” association and then took further studies at Philip Radice’s Physical Theatre Atelier. After some acting experiences (2014, Come granuli di sole, directed by Marco Alotto), he moved towards theatre direction and writing (in 2018, the year in which he obtained his master’s degree in philosophy, he signed and directed Multispettacolo). In Eric, he is Björn.

Mattia Pezzoli (actor): LEIF

He studied theatre at Grock Theatre School in Milan. Performances: Three Sisters by Cekhov (2017, directed by G. Merolli); Toc Toc by Laurent Baffie (2018, directed by L.G. Bono); Parole Evase by Sabrina Corabi (2019, directed by S. Corabi). In 2019 he took part in the short film Mr. Crazy (directed by Filippo Cristiano). In Eric, he is Leif.

Thomas Blum (composer)

Composer and pianist, born in 1971 in Helsingborg, Sweden. He studied composition at the College of Music in Malmö, during 1992-1999. Professor Hans Gefors (prominent Swedish Opera composer) was his main teacher and the studies had emphasis on musical drama and orchestra. Blum has written music in virtually all genres. He often uses the Italian language for the titles of his works. Among his most important compositions are:

- Stringquartet n. 4 (2003);

- Lacrimosa, for choir, solo voices, and orchestra (2009);

- Passaggi, for piano and wind orchestra (2014).

Blum produced a special magic for us, composing the scene-music inspired by the Nordic tradition: the magnificent Overture (recorded at Mattias Gummesson Studio, Sweden) and the song-text of Sri Aurobindo that Aslaug sings, accompanied by the magical sound of the harp.

Giulia Parodi (dancer)

Classical dancer, she created the choreography of the dances that Karin Rossi (Aslaug) and Greta Asia Di Vara (Herta) perform during the theatrical representation.

Stefano Teodori (film-maker)

He received a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and New Media, a Master's Degree in Advertising and a diploma from the Experimental Cinematography Center of Milan. At present he works mainly in theatre, especially with the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

Simonetta Invernizzi (scenic consultant)

She has designed all the scenographic system together to the director.

Her active passion for painting (she studied at the Art School of Cantù, in Italy) and a refined aesthetic taste in matching colors and shapes, makes her perfect for making all of those scenotecnics adjustment that are indispensable during the arrangement of the representation. She is also entrusted with the task of creating scene objects that are indispensable to make scenography and costumes as close as possible to the director and the actors needs.

In addition, as yoga teacher for over twenty years, she made some sessions with the actors to deepen four elements of primary importance for the artists: physical resilience, concentration, relaxation and breathing.

Martina Corno (Makeup artist)

In 2017 she obtained the certificate of Makeup Artist e Beauty Advisor. After this she worked as makeup artist among theatrical performances (Be it moon, or sun, or what you please for Polveri di Scena and Jezabel for Teatro Sguardo Oltre), photographic set and short films. Graduate in “Scienze dei Beni Culturali” with cinematographic and theatrical curriculum, she found the way to combine her study and her passion for the makeup.

Massimo Bernacchi (Painter "AD affreschi")

After the diploma he has followed courses in ancient painting and restoration technique by Prof. Marco Cavallini and studied with the sculptor Marcello Giorgi. He participated in the workshops “the theatrical space between tradition and innovation” held by the decorator and theatrical set designer Jean Guy Lecat. He has worked in and out of Italy in both private and public spaces since 1998.

Samuele Ribechini (Painter "AD affreschi")

After the diploma he attended courses in stone sculpture, with Maestro Velio Grandoli. Drawing, painting and sculpture with Maestro Paolo Grigò. Graphics and illustration with Prof. Angelo Quadrelli. He studied with the sculptor Marcello Giorgi. And followed courses on ancient painting techniques and restoration with Prof. Marco Cavallini. He has worked professionally as a painter and decorator since 1998 both in Italy and abroad.

Alessia Molteni (scenographer)

Anna Sivaglieri (scenographer)

Elena Nobis (scenographer)

Elisa Conte (scenographer)

Francesca Brunelli (scenographer)

Gaia Bernardi (scenographer)

Giorgia Ronsivalle (scenographer)

Laura Ester Riva (scenographer)

Leda Vicinanza (scenographer)

Marta Del Casale (scenographer)

Marta Milazzo (scenographer)

Martina Marchisio (scenographer)

Rachele Ceschina (scenographer)

Valeria Marzorati (scenographer)

Andrea Fazio (scenographer)

Leonardo Mornati (scenographer)

Mikhael Conistabile (scenographer)

Laura Marino (Teacher of Design - fashion design at Liceo Artistico “Fausto Melotti”)

Alice Delli Fiori (fashion design)

Alice Stupia (fashion design)

Arianna Colciago (fashion design)

Aurora Scorrano (fashion design)

Beatrice Molteni (fashion design)

Chiara Bramani (fashion design)

Dalila Rosa Miceli (fashion design)

Francesca Maltese (fashion design)

Giada Turconi (fashion design)

Ilaria Porro (fashion design)

Margherita Bruzzone (fashion design)

Sana Adib (fashion design)

Angelo Jr Ramaglia (fashion design)

Christian Colombo (fashion design)